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    Courier Services

    Our diverse fleet options provide both scheduled/dedicated driver services as well as a range of on demand regular, rush and direct delivery services.

    Our regular, rush and direct courier services have been created to meet your time-sensitive needs. Our experienced team, with the use of our advanced technology, will ensure that we meet or exceed your delivery expectations.

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    Truck Services

    If you’re new to the transport industry or just need a refresher on the terminology, here’s an outline of our trucking services. Our services are divided into a couple segments depending on the size of the cargo and distance required for pickup or delivery. The higher scale is TL (Truck Load or Trailer Load) which is used for large shipments generally transported over longer distances. Next to that is LTL (Less Than Truck Load) which covers smaller shipments that are more than a standard courier/van requirement but not enough to fill an entire truck. Generally these are combined with other small to medium size shipments. With our range of fleet options, we are able to offer both TL and LTL to a diverse range of customers and their shipping needs.

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    Air Services

    At Superior Parcel, we have a great deal of experience with air freight. From air regulations and compliance to specific handling processes for items such as dry ice and dangerous goods, our team will make sure your package is shipped both safety and securely.

  • On Demand

    Specialty Services

    Every customer has different needs and we are here to help. If time, temperature or product requirements are critical, we’ll be sure your product gets to its destination safely and in the timeframe you require. From bio-hazardous, tradeshows to general logistics, contact us.

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    Warehousing Services

    Superior Parcel offers modern, 24 hour, centrally monitored, climate controlled warehousing facilities, conveniently located near Winnipeg airport. Your product can be stored in our secure facility until its ready for distribution around the city, across North America or anywhere in the world, whether you have just one pallet or 100 pallets. You simply telephone, fax, eMail or go online with eTrac whenever you need your specific product shipped. We will pull the item, pack it if necessary and ship to your designated destination that same day. It’s that easy. Superior Parcel has the warehousing you need!

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    Moving & Assembly

    Our Go Getter division offers full service commercial and residential moving, assembly, junk removal and delivery. GoGetter is your premier local Winnipeg mover, delivery & assembly specialist. Moving day can be pure hell. Office moves or residential moving, we take the stress out of the event with our full service movers

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We are looking for delivery drivers to start ASAP!!

Superior Parcel Express is a Manitoba-owned and operated company specializing in delivery.

We have partnered with Different couriers to deliver their products to tbe people of Manitoba! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring quality employment to Manitobans, and provide a positive customer experience to all Manitobans.
We will provide our customers with the most reliable on time delivery services available by developing an environment that insures 100% customer satisfaction through state of the art technology, ongoing training and value along with a commitment of professionalism and continuous corporate improvement.

We will recognize the importance of providing our independent contractors and employees with a professional and safe working environment that promotes excellence, loyalty and team work while at the same time maintaining profitable corporate growth along with a prosperous and rewarding career for all.

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